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By utilizing years of celebrity endorsements, eCommerce, and crypto knowledge, Hussky is creating a unique and groundbreaking solution.


Turn your artistic vision into digital products and navigate the inception process with our services:

  • Networking

  • Hussky’s resources

  • Consultation



We can assist you with all aspects of creation, brand development, including Ideation, Design, and Tech Architecture Design, as well as Delivery and E ecution.

  • Journey mapping

  • Usere perience



We believe in high-quality digital art. Our operating philosophy is to workanddeliverwith authenticity.

  • Enhancement of Potential

  • Accessibility



Beyond exhibition, our overall experience combines with your view to build and deliver innovative NFTs.

  • Co-existence with artists

  • Uniqueness with variety

Hussky: A brief overview

Hussky is India's first NFT Art Gallery. We, at Hussky firmly believe and entrust "Make Every Art Count". The Hussky Gallery is your very own NFT hub, designed for artists and creators around the world. As part of our commitment to elevating the NFT community, we provide a global collaboration platform.


Intern of the month

Hussky is my very first internship in the HR field. And I cannot tell you how amazing it has been here. The co -founders and whoever else I work with are so kind and understanding towards me.


Learning about a whole new world of NFTs to acquiring handling a team of people for the same cause, I grew up. Hussky helped me gain confidence, and also helped me enhance my skills and that is all I hoped for when I joined here. I'm very grateful for being a part of the Hussky Community and I'll always be a part of it!

— Manasi Panicker, HR Intern

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