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About Us

Hussky is India's first NFT Art gallery, showcasing top-tier digital art while cultivating a sense of belonging in such a large community. Hussky nails it by making the platform as user-friendly as possible by connecting artists directly with NFT collectors. Hussky allows artists to get the resources they need to exhibit and ultimately sell their creation through a platform that guides them through an illiquid market. Hussky allows artists and collectors to display their collections while also maintaining their professional portfolios by providing them with collection statistics. Hussky presents the critical viewpoints of renowned NFT artists and collectors, as well as their analysis on the subject.


Hussky was founded with a vision to build a culture of collaboration! The goal is to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more accessible. To achieve that, the team is building up an ecosystem which will provide every resource to potential creators, while extending NFTs to international markets simultaneously. In order to accomplish our mission, we empower artists to create authentic and unique artworks that distinguish them from the crowd.


Hussky aims to bring a revolutionary change to the NFT Ecosystem by coexisting with established NFT Artists, while catering to their needs. The objective is to extract authentic artwork that can be found worldwide and provide a global platform to emerging talent digitally. Additionally, this will highlight the uniqueness and rarity of different and scattered NFTs in one place.


Hussky aims to bring over a million artists and collectors together. The direct end-to-end encryption between the artists and the collectors is a key part of this process. For artists and collectors, communication and identification of the correct set of customers becomes much easier as a result of this. Finally, background checks are conducted in order to verify the artists' genuineness, which is an important feature.

Our Team


Pranay Agarwal 


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Dev Kumar

Co- Founder

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Ritik Chopra

Co- Founder

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