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Introducing Hussky — Making every art count!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022


We believe and entrust HUSSKY with the mission ‘Make Every Art Count’. HUSSKY is your very own NFT gallery, created specifically for artists and creators from all around the world.

As we look back, we are extremely proud of how we managed to make our dream a reality. The company was started by three college students who sought to make significant contributions to the world of NFTs and put in days and nights into establishing HUSSKY INNOVATIONS Pvt. Ltd.

NFTs bring so many varied blockchain characteristics to the content business that this is the same disruptive moment as Uber and Airbnb did to the taxi and hotel industries, if not more. Non-Fungible Tokens are poised to transform an industry populated by digital artists from all over the world.

Hussky is more than simply a marketplace; it’s a community of art lovers!

VISION: To digitally extract real artwork from India and other countries and create a global platform for developing talent.

MISSION: The team will work to create an ecosystem that will supply all resources to future creators while also extending the Non-Fungible token on the global market.


Hussky is a revolutionary platform that empowers creatives in the digital age. It was developed with the same vision, with which the aces pioneered the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Hussky is an ecosystem that is built to deliver unique experiences to the global cryptocurrency market. By utilizing celebrity endorsements and eCommerce to spread the team’s credibility, we can provide a ground-breaking solution that can extend NFT adoption globally.

Digital art is the future! Our digital art gallery allows our customers to hold digital artwork in the cloud and enables artists and creators to make a living from their work and to explore the world by collaborating with NFT’s. There’s a problem with NFT in the market: most people don’t know what it is, how it works, or that it can be used for art.

NFT was created by artists-marketing their work and giving it a second life. Hussky Gallery is a hub where artists can share their work and get it out in the world. Users can see their artwork as an NFT to the Gallery. We are less about a particular style of art and more about the enjoyment of creating art.


● Turn your artistic vision into digital products and navigate the inception process with our services. We can assist you with all aspects of creation, brand development, including Ideation, Design, and Tech Architecture Design, as well as Delivery and Execution.

● We believe in high-quality digital art. Our operating philosophy is to work and deliver with authenticity. Beyond exhibition, our overall experience combines with your view to build and deliver innovative NFTs.

● Our Brand is a design system that reduces the time-to-market by providing a consolidated, clearly defined component library for every stakeholder, in the form of our website.

● Hussky’s website allows various stakeholders/ artists/ collectors direct access to brand resources, along with clear context.

● We provide customers with a unified experience across touchpoints.

● Architecture is logical and structured, yet flexible in application, allowing artists to independently manage their creations with minimal support.

We have recently begun a program to felicitate artists, by choosing them as our ‘Spotlight’ artists! Once chosen, they are entitled to:

❖ Be one of Hussky’s top 15 artists and be displayed on the cover page;

❖ Have access to Hussky’s prospective resources;

❖ Opportunities to network with several NFT collectors; and

❖ Have us look after their portfolio and have advice on it.


● At Hussky, we help you find the ideal buyer by showcasing your digital work.

● We encourage you to expand your dispersed and condensed network to every corner of the globe.

● We assure that creators’ work is authentic. Continuing to construct a dependable matrix that will guide future growth and projects.

● Being both environmentally friendly and cost-effective

● Taking up the responsibility of directing/guiding any questions about NFT and NFT Marketplaces.

● We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

● Bring over a million artists and collectors together.

● Direct end-to-end encryption between the artists and the collectors.

● Artists and collectors will find it much easier to communicate with and identify the right customers as a result.

● Verification of authenticity of artists, through background checks.


Mail us at:

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